"Jessika Van is terrific as a rebellious pastor’s daughter whose acting out conceals a touching need for attention."
Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times Critic's Pick

"Van brings an authentic and uncanny affinity for the Material Girl’s persona to her interpretation of Madonna-style and attitude, which only serves to highlight Grace’s thinly concealed vulnerability as a neglected pastor’s kid from New Jersey."

"Jessika Van is perfect as the lead in this corporate dramedy... She is a character forced to battle each day between self-confidence and self-doubt. She’s likable and incredibly sympathetic, and you believe that Cathy is worthy of her position and responsibilities at the firm."
Alan Ng, Film Threat

"At the helm of Palos Hills High School’s far-east family is Becca (Jessika Van), a deliciously wicked teen who looks so sweet you’d never guess the devious nature that lies beneath. This girl runs sh*t in a style that some CEOs still haven’t mastered."

Lauren Le Vine, Refinery 29